Replacement Window Worksheet

Whether you should replace or restore the windows in an old home is a question both of aesthetics and cost. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources provides a worksheet for figuring the energy savings from replacing or upgrading windows on its website. You can download a copy of the Window Replacement/Window Reduction Worksheet by clicking here.

Can a Condo Be Early American?

Some early copies of the February 2010 issue of Early American Life did not include the story about the Webb Condominium ("Can a Condo Be Early American?") due to production problems.

You can download a copy of the complete story by clicking here. Warning: the file is 700 kilobytes and takes a while to download. Your system will appear unresponsive until it finishes.  [MORE]

Extra Porch Photos

We were unable to fit all the photographs that Peter Joel Harrison supplied us to illustrate our August 2013 story about the evolution of the porch in America. Here, with the photographer's permission, are six additional pages of historic porch images. Click here to view or download them.

Pen Glossary

In the print edition of our February 2016 issue, we didn't have sufficient space to include a full glossary of pen-related terms to accompany our Skills column about how to make your own quill pen. We've posted the complete glossary, which you can download by clicking here.


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