Christmas 2011
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2 Christmas Time Capsule

4 The Christmas Creche
Portrayals of the birth of Christ date to Roman times, but the most colorful and collectible are carved, printed, and sculpted figures made by German and Italian artisans. Hundreds are preserved at the National Christmas Center.
16 Christmas Dessert Party
No holiday feast would be complete without a dessert course, but these delectable treats drawn from period receipts could stand on their own for a festive gathering.
20 Christmas on the Frontier
Lou and Diane Hart rescued three Ohio log cabins to create a primitive home that sparkles with candlelight and natural decorations during the holidays.
32 Christmas Projects
We offer do-it-yourself details for three holiday projects suitable for gifts: a lantern ornament, a fraktur house blessing, and a Princess scarf (actually worn by a princess).
38 Christmas Trade Cards
Produced for pennies and given away by merchants, these mini-advertisements combined skilled artistry and color lithography to show Santa at his finest
46 Home on the Farm
After two decades of serving his adopted country and state, General Edward Hand longed to retire to his Pennsylvania country home, Rock Ford Plantation. Ghostly rumors helped preserve this classic Georgian house.
51 Directory of Traditional American Crafts Holiday
The work of traditional artisans who make holiday-themed figures, paintings, plates, rugs, and more is showcased at Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
64 Izannah Walker’s Iconic Dolls
A Rhode Island woman captured the faces of children in her patented dolls. Cherished by their youthful owners in the 19th Century, they are equally treasured by collectors lucky enough to find a rare survivor.
80 Oh Mistletoe
Legends surrounding this parasitic plant date at least to the Bronze Age, but most celebrate its modern role as a teasing invitation to a kiss.

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