June 2011
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2 Saving the Pieces

10 Northeastern Baskets
In colonial America, everyone used—and many wove—baskets for gathering and storing food. We offer a primer on splints and styles used in the Northeast.
20 Champagne and Cheetos
Drawn by family lore and history, a Virginia man bought his ancestors? estate and created a period showplace for fi ne English and American antiques.
32 True to Its Yankee Roots
The Grants salvaged pieces of Connecticut?s iconic colonial architecture to create a house that stops passersby. It looks so authentic the state historical commission gave it a plaque.
41 Saving Lanscaster's History
Early American Life invites you to the Lancaster Historic Home Show to meet restoration experts and traditional artisans who can help you make the best of your historic home.
42 Destination Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, welcomes visitors to explore the architecture, historic landmarks, and Amish culture of the nation?s oldest inland city.
44 Designer's Desk
Owners of homes with a long single-family history can gain tips for interpreting various periods from the restoration of Poplar Hill in Salisbury, Maryland.
46 Spring Foods in the Colonies
To colonial cooks spring meant the return of vitamin C-packed greens, which they harvested from the garden and forest. We offer a taste of the season as our ancestors knew it.
50 Our Filthy Forebears
Adhering to their English traditions, the early colonists shunned bathing, leaving them to devise other ways to deal with their odoriferous condition.
56 American Scenic Murals
Itinerant muralists of varying skills brought color and beauty to the walls of 19th-Century homes. Likewise, today?s artists bring their artistic visions to life on canvases of plaster.
66 Who was Mary E. Putnam?
Sampler collectors uncovered the history of a Massachusetts family that counts Salem witch persecutors and Revolutionary heroes among its members.
80 The Velveteen Room

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