April 2011
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0 Watershed in Men's Fashions
Following European trends, American men had eschewed embroidered waistcoats and buckled breeches for somber jackets and long trousers by the early 19th Century
2 Time for Planting

10 The Art of Grisaille Painting
Single-color sculpture-like painting had roots in the Renaissance and won popularity in early America, but a successful rendering in shades of gray tested an artist?s skil
22 Georgian Jewel in Michigan
With little more than pictures and a love of American history to guide them, Karen and Lynwood Beekman built and decorated a colonial home in a Michigan suburb
34 Time Capsule in a Cape
The center-chimney Cape that Peter Cyr rescued in Maine came with a history dating back to the nation?s battle for independence
44 Designers’ Desk
We offer tips on window treatments based on those at Ash Lawn-Highland, James Monroe?s Virginia home, which span styles popular throughout the 19th Century
46 Glorious Gardens
The gardens at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia and Schifferstadt Architectural Museum in Maryland offer different approaches to landscaping a historic house
52 Stunning Color Unveiled
Historic Deerfield introduces a complete set of crewel-embroidered bed hangings, re-created from pieces of the 1760s originals, to illustrate how a colonial bed truly would have been dressed
54 The Economy of Sunlight
Twisting the hands of time ahead an hour in springtime might have appealed to frugal Poor Richard, but daylight savings had to wait for standard time to arrive in the 19th Century
62 American Rocking Chairs
Inventive colonial chairmakers put curved rails on straight-back chairs to create the rocking chair, and its soothing motion attracted everyone from infants to presidents. Today?s traditional chairmakers replicate three styles?Shaker, Windsor, and the colorful Boston rocker
80 Finished

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