February 2011
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2 Weathering Winter

8 Moravian Figural Bottles
Piety and profit spurred North Carolina potters to throw bottles in fanciful animal forms that delighted customers then and collectors now
16 Antlers to Samplers
Tom and Anne Brown took their love of old houses and antiques back a century, moving from Montana to Pennsylvania and restoring a 1700s stone farmhous
28 The Second Cape
Promising his then fianc?e-to-be, Janet, to build a dream house, J. K. Kastberg re-created the 18th-Century Cape he had lovingly restored decades earlier in Holland, Massachusetts
40 Count Rumford's Burning Secrets
A Massachusetts store clerk warmed the hearts—and bottoms—of early Americans with a more efficient fireplace. These tall and shallow Rumford fireplaces, common in 1800-50 homes, can be easily restored, and we tell you how
44 Designers’ Desk
Kentucky’s Locust Grove, now resplendent after a recent restoration, offers tips for homeowners looking to decorate a Federal-era house
46 Build an Old ship's Bottom Roof House
This bowed-roof Cape, inspired by the early-19th-Century Solomon Howes House in Chatham, Massachusetts, is updated for today?s lifestyle and comfort
48 Bringing in the Ice
Before refrigeration, ice from New England?s ponds and rivers cooled the food and drink of those who could afford the luxury. An enterprising Boston lad took the cooling treat as far as the tropics, building a fortune and an industry
54 New Life for Old Buildings
Recycling old structures for new purposes began with our frugal farming ancestors. Today the practice continues and helps save both history and the environment
61 The Social Practice of Bundling
In times when travel was tough, sweethearts got acquainted spending the night in bed together—though safely separated by boards or fabric. Sometimes such romancing had unintended consequences
64 Primitive Hooked Rugs
In the mid-1800s, women in Maine and Canada hooked fabric scraps into colorful, often whimsical, rugs. We profile modern makers working in the same tradition

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