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We'd like to introduce an artist whose work was selected as one of the best in America in the category Miscellaneous in the 2019 Directory of Traditional American Crafts:

Donald Lee Woida lives and works in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, where life centers on rural occupations and small town businesses. Among farmers, herdsmen, miners, timbermen, nurses, teachers, and shopkeepers, Woida has carved out his living as an artisan.

Taught the craft of making bent-wood furniture by his grandfather nearly forty years ago, Woida has expanded his products from rustic rockers to a variety of items including chairs, stools, occasional tables, walking sticks, and settees created from hickory branches and oak slats he finds in the Allegheny Mountains of Somerset County. [Read More]

2019 Directory Applications

Applications for the 2019 Directory of Traditional American Crafts are now available by clicking here.

If you choose to participate, please keep the following in mind:

Our expert jurors spend a great deal of time and energy evaluating each entry. They indicate that they are dismayed with being unable to recommend potentially wonderful work for inclusion in the Directory for the following technical reasons.

Your entry MUST:

Be postmarked by January 15, 2019.

Show exactly five images of your work.

Show images of at least two objects. The Directory is NOT an art show for a single piece of work, it is a selection based on your overall work in this specific type of craft.

If you have NOT already provided a hallmark, provide a sixth image of a hallmark. This sixth image does not go to the judges, but they require that we indicate that one has been provided for the entry. An actual piece of fabric, wood, metal, etc. with your hallmark is an appropriate substitute. If you do not hallmark your work you MUST provide an explanation of why you do not. Our artists’ work is exceptional and the judges require that it not be confused on the market with a true antique.

Show clear images. Images that are too dark, out of focus, or too small to show detail when enlarged will prevent the jurors from recommending the work.

Provide scholarship. Explain the specific history, dates, and colonial precedent for the work.

Describe the process. Describe the materials and methods used. If antique materials are used, explain what, why, and how that use fits a conservation-based mission.

State intent. Distinguish between a reproduction and an interpretation. If your entry has BOTH types of work, you must specify which fits each category.

Be your own. You may NOT use kits or pre-printed patterns/charts not of your own design.

Be of indicated length. A single page is provided for your text. You may print, type, or write in the allotted space or glue another paper in the area provided. Any information outside this area or otherwise attached to the entry will NOT go to the judges. The judging is anonymous. We are always happy to see and reference your catalogs, business cards, flyers, etc. These materials will remain in our publishing offices and are NOT sent to the judges.

We trust that following these guidelines when submitting your entry will give our judges an opportunity to recommend your work for inclusion. Please see the official rules for more details, or contact our offices with questions.

Thank you for your interest in the Early American Life Directory of Traditional American Crafts.


Directory Staff
Early American Life
Firelands Media Group LLC

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