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Deborah Galante became an artist from her love and connection to her grandparents farm. The holidays were simple,and pure on this small dairy farm. Christmas held ice skating and sledding, Thanksgiving and Independence Day held a strength of conviction,pride and gratitude, and a sense of what it was to be an American,. She wanted to preserve this somehow, to give it a form she could share, she gravitated to creating Santas to convey that sense of promise, tradition, strength, and heritage.

Deborah also is an antique dealer. This keeps her surrounded with vintage materials, and pieces that she incorporates into some of her work. She prefers to gather things ready to be discarded, thus saving a peice of history for what she hopes to be many more generations.

Her materials are simple: wire, clay, textiles.....etc. she believes tht there has to be a simplicity of materials because that is the way she started. A desire to create, with what was at hand, "folk art" .

Deborah and her husband Bill live in the same area where generations of their family have. Their children Anthony, Jocylyn and Nathann live nearby, and Deborah hopes that their families experience the things she did when she visited her grandparents. Among the rolling farm lands of Sussex Co. they took their house and fashioned it into a salt box like one Deborah had seen on the cover of EAL in the early 70's. Early American Life has always been a part of Deborah's house, and now she is pleased to be a part of the magazine!

973 579 1892 phone

369 Newton-Swartswood Road

Newton New Jersey, 07860


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