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Portrait of Jonathan ( Jock) Jones

Jonathan (Jock) Jones and his wife Bonnie live in Kaysville, Utah where he makes Windsor Chairs in his small one man shop. His chairs are made by hand one at a time using the same techniques and tools as master chair builders did 250 years ago. He does not make them by hand for nostalgia or old time's sake, but rather because good Windsor chairs can only be made by hand. Factory or machine made chairs cannot replicate the delicate charm, durability and personality of hand made chairs.

A life long hobbyist wood worker Jones has always been fascinated and intrigued with Windsor chairs, but was always discouraged from making them because of the scarcity of the proper woods in the Intermountain West where he lives. Upon his retirement he studied chair making in New Hampshire and Tennessee and has been making chairs every since. He hand selects his woods and logs in the East and transports them to his shop where he produces some of the finest Windsor chairs being made today. He is the only Windsor chair maker in the Intermountain West.

Jock's Windsors
PO Box 117
Spring City, UT 84662
Phone: 801-915-2015

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Year: 2008, 
				Category: Furniture
Year: 2007, 
				Category: Furniture
Year: 2006, 
				Category: Furniture
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