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Portrait of Barbara Jeffords

Barbara Jeffords learned to love painting and drawing by watching her father, beginning her artistic career in 1992 using her memories and love to create her own body of work. She sold her first painted item that year. She has been painting professionally ever since.

Jefford's art reflects the skills of the self-trained artist working in the early decades of the U.S., roughly from 1776 to 1820. At that time, if a family wanted to decorate their home, he might commission silhouettes of the loved ones, portraits, murals or landscapes (including their own homestead, of course) painted by such itinerants as Rufus Porter. Much of this work was colorful, but due to the self-taught skills of the artist, was lacking in modern composition, depth and scale.

Jeffords sells both her original paintings and mechanical reproductions, printing, framing, selling and shipping them to both wholesale and retail outlets. She also licenses coasters and wallpaper products.


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Year: 2006, 
				Category: Painted framed art
Year: 2000, 
				Category: Painted framed art
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