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Portrait of Shelly Gier

Shelly Gier has been involved in living history and re-enactments since 2003, when she discovered the hobby. Soon she started shooting black-powder guns and became captivated with the culture and all of the interesting tools and accoutrements that go with them.

Gier’s research of 18th-Century culture inspired her to try creating a shooting pouch for herself. Because she couldnít decide on a single style, she began experimenting. With the help of Bill Smith, a friend and accomplished pouch maker, she learned some techniques that opened the door to the possibilities. She has been making pouches and accoutrements ever since, with the goal of creating the leather objects of our past that are beautiful, historically correct, and functional.

Her husband, Jeff Gier, crafts powder horns, so they often spend time creating, researching, discussing projects, and attending re-enactments and living history events as their hobby. In her real life, the mother of five teaches high school English in West Liberty, Ohio. She enjoys spending time on their farm, gardening, canning, hunting, fishing, and kayaking.

J & S Gier Articifers
2696 Lippincott Rd
West Liberty, OH 43357
Phone: 937-441-5454

You can meet the artist at the following shows:

November 6, 2021: MerryMeeting-Directory Artisan Show in New Harmony, IN

Shelly Gier has been selected for the following Directories:

Year: 2019, 
				Category: Leather
Year: 2018, 
				Category: Leather
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