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Portrait of David Douyard

David Douyard hand crafts reproduction and interpretations of original Windsor and other traditional American chairs. He makes them entirely by hand, one at a time, using hand tools. He follows the traditional construction and finishing techniques and tools of the originals. His chairs start with the straightest grained, locally sourced logs of the highest quality. He then shapes each part with the grain to yield thin, strong and flexible parts and assembles the chairs with traditional joinery to ensure strong and light chairs that will last a lifetime. In fact, he guarantees each chair for the life of the original owner.

Douyard was trained by several fine furniture and master chair craftsmen and has worked from Calornia to New England. Currently his workshop is in historic Pine Meadow, Connecticut. Douyard’ chairs were exhibited at the San Diego Design Center in the early 1990s. He started building Windsor chairs professionally in 2001.

David Douyard, Chairmaker
13 Wickett St
Pine Meadow, CT 06061
Phone: 203-837-6369
Email: david@daviddouyardchairmaker.com
Website: www.daviddouyardchairmaker.com

David Douyard has been selected for the following Directories:

Year: 2020, 
				Category: Furniture
Year: 2018, 
				Category: Furniture
Year: 2017, 
				Category: Furniture
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