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Portrait of Heide Presse

Heide Presse combines her interest in art, history, and needlework to create paintings in the style of the 19th Century. Painting early subjects allows her to indulge her fascination for period textiles and clothing, and to research the material culture of past eras.

Presse feels a strong responsibility to portray her subjects as authentically as possible. She reads the journals of those who experienced the great westward migration, seeking to capture a window into their lives during a period of great change in America. She believes that reading the words written by the pioneers is the best way to understand how they lived.

Presse is currently working on a large series of paintings based on an 1848 Oregon Trail journal.

Heide Presse Studio
15914 Farringham Dr
Tampa, FL 33647
Phone: 813-390-5681
Email: heidepresse@gmail.com
Website: www.heidepresse.com

Heide Presse has been selected for the following Directories:

Year: 2018, 
				Category: History Painting
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