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Portrait of Lisa Ballance Lambert

Lisa Lambert is an Appalachian Heritage seamstress who has been involved with living history for ten years. She has been sewing since the age of four, threading needles for Appalachian Heritage seamstress, Anna Stanley, before school. She later studied various techniques for drafting patterns, and hand sewing with Annaís daughter, Elma Hollars. Both taught her to take care that the garment looked as good inside as out. Her work drew the attention of British Brigade living historians who mentored and worked with her as a surgical scrub nurse and re-enactor for many years. Each year, she travels to several historical events, and does custom and replica work for museums, civilian and military interpretations.

Lambert continues to study sewing techniques, hand tools, clothing construction and tailoring techniques as she travels, to learn from museum collections and resident textile experts. She makes most of her own specialized left handed sewing tools from bone, horn, antler and wood. She especially enjoys the willingness of living historians to generously share their knowledge and their time to help save artisan tools and skills for future generations.

Each piece of period clothing, sewing tool, or camp accoutrement is made with great attention to historical detail, comfort, and durability of use. It is her wish that all items she makes, bridge the gap for the living historian as they re-create history to look and feel as if they have actually stepped back in time.

Knightingales Sutlers
308 W Fifth Ave
Lawrenceville, VA 23868
Phone: 443-417-3997

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