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Portrait of David A. Myers

David A. Myers thinks of himself as one of those people who always has music in his head. From his childhood, he sang or hummed constantly. His mother always said that if she needed to find David in a store, she would simply stop and listen for him humming some tune.

Myers's love for music led him to college where he took a Bachelors degree in Music Education. Since then he has continued to love music and the many diverse aspects of it to this day.

Several years ago, Myers became involved with a living history group called the "Seneca Muzzlerloaders" in Tiffin, Ohio. During Myers's 45 years in the Boy Scouts, he received his spirit animal of the Owl. Because of this, his flutes have been centered around this wise and mystical spirit.

The Native American flute is the 3rd oldest instrument recorded in history, dating back over 60,000 years. All of Myers's flutes are handmade in the same traditional manner of the Native American flute makers. He constructs the flute body in two halves, channels it, and then glues them together. Then he hand-shapes the body, tunes the instrument, and finishes it with quality oils. Each and every flute has its own personality and unique voice. Some may look similar, but no two flutes are the same.

Myers tunes his flutes in the six hole diatonic major scale, and five hole pentatonic minor scale. He enjoys playing the ancient songs in the traditional pentatonic scale, but as a music major, he also enjoys playing the more modern songs on these fabulous instruments. He creates his Native American style flutes out of the love for the traditions of our nation's ancestors, and for the music they inspired, and the instruments they created.

Ghost Owl Flutes
1352 Morningside Dr.
Fostoria, OH 44830
Phone: 419-435-1019
Website: www.ghostowlflutes.com

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