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Portrait of Phil Gilson

Phil Gilson might be the last colonial American-style glassblower working full time in the traditions developed in the 18th Century. A cousin of the Wistars, owners of America’s first successful glass operation, Wilson’s craft is not only a passion but a family legacy since the 1730s.

Gilson focuses most of his work on producing and perpetuating designs for historic homes, museums, schools, and the living history and re-enacting community. He makes many of his pieces using original molds and hand tools that have been handed down for generations. Customers can enjoy the legacy of America’s oldest trade industry in his re-creation of an 18th-Century full-production glasshouse.

Gilson is the last of two known master chippers in the country. Chipping is the trade of carving directly into cast-iron glass molds to re-create embossed bottles and flasks of the past. The custom carvings enable Gilson to produce modern commemorative interpretations by placing interchangeable inserts in antique molds.

His work also includes custom free-blown pieces, pressed glass, and dip-molded pieces. All of his work is made in well-documented historical bottle-glass colors.

Phil Gilson
102 West Hicks St.
Lawrenceville, VA 23868
Phone: 443-617-2885

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