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Portrait of Jason W. Grant

Jason W. Grant grew up in Crown Point, New York, the son of a second-generation sign painter and wood carver, He showed signs of artistic talent as early as the age of three. Under his mothers guidance he was taught her craft as well as an appreciation for the work of other talented artisans. By the age of twelve, he was working in the family sign shop where he learned design, lettering, carving, and gold leaf application. At that age he also began to appreciate the work of Early American Craftsman, and began collecting.

After graduation he began to develop an eye for Early American antiques and advertising, and have since focused on collecting 18th and 19th Century painted country furniture and Americana in shades of blue, red, and mustard yellow.

His true passion is trade (advertising) signs of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Many of these items are one of a kind as they were created out of necessity by self taught rural craftspeople, and were usually quite graphic as many people during that era were unable to read, so pictures were often substituted for words. Quality examples are becoming harder to find as they were rarely appreciated until Mother Nature's effects were irreversible. This prompted Grant to start producing quality originals and reproductions.

Over the past ten years Grant has developed secret recipes for aging new items to look like true originals. Many of his signs utilize early wide boards, vintage square nails, and period appropriate forged hardware, and are signed and dated lending authenticity to a truly unique, one of a kind piece of folk art sure to appreciate in value just like the works of our forefathers. Grant's signs have been commissioned by discriminating collectors and decorators around the country.

J.W. Grant Folk Artist


Jason W. Grant has been selected for the following Directories:

Year: 2008, 
				Category: Ornamental painting
Year: 2007, 
				Category: Ornamental painting
Year: 2006, 
				Category: Ornamental painting
Year: 2005, 
				Category: Ornamental painting
Year: 2004, 
				Category: Ornamental Painting
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