Calendar from March 22 to April 22:

This listing was prepared well in advance of the events below. Many of the events have since been postponed or cancelled as a precaution to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, now a pandemic. If you must (or choose) to attend any of the events listed below, we suggest you call and verify that it will be taking place as planned.


Now through October 29 in Lexington, Massachusetts:

Extraordinary Freemasons in American History—Exhibition showcases inspiring American Freemasons and introduces visitors to the history of Freemasonry in the United States from its beginnings in the 1700s to the present day. For more information: Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library, (781) 861-6559.

Now through January 3, 2027 in Salem, Massachusetts:

On This Ground-Being and Belonging in America—Exhibit explores how art can help us understand what it means to belong to family, community, and this place we now call America, bringing two extraordinary collections of Native American and American art together and includes 250 artworks including sculpture, paintings, textiles and costumes, furniture, decorative arts, works on paper, installations, and more. For more information: Peabody Essex Museum, (978) 745-9500.

Now through May 28 in Salem, Massachusetts:

Let None Be Excluded-The Origins of Equal School Rights in Salem—Exhibition features documents that capture the impassioned activism of young Black leaders, including Sarah Parker Remond and Robert Morris, as agents in their own education, sparked the national equal school rights movement by tethering education rights to democracy and racial equality. These Salem voices and their spirited words and actions changed the course of our schools and our nation. For more information: Peabody Essex Museum, (978) 745-9500.

Now through April 2 in New York, New York:

Water Memories—Exhibition explores waters significance to Indigenous peoples and Nations in the United States through historical, modern, and contemporary artworks. In four thematic sections, Ancestral Connections, Water and Sky, Forests and Streams, and Oceanic Imaginations For more information: The Met Fifth Avenue, (212) 535-7710.

Now through January 1, 2024 in Washington, District of Columbia:

Out of Many-Portraits from 1600 to 1900—Exhibition presents more than 180 objects depicting notable individuals who helped shape the nations early development and includes portraits of Indigenous Americans, European colonists, clergymen, soldiers, abolitionists, writers, performers, scientists, and others. For more information: National Portrait Gallery

Now through June 11 in Washington, District of Columbia:

Family Ties-Daguerreotype Portraits—Portraits in the exhibition reflect the range of familial relationships documented by the camera during the daguerreian era, first introduced in 1839. For more information: National Portrait Gallery

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