We like to share links with other websites. Although we do not have a dedicated "links" page, we add links for our advertisers, stores, and other organizations at the appropriate places on our site. For example, we list all of our advertisers web addresses (or email addresses if the advertiser does not have a website) in our Advertisers' Index. We also list links for retail stores in our Find-a-Store page, providing you provide us with the link information. We also put links on our Sources and Calendar pages, at least if we have the information. If you would like your link listed, let us know the appropriate information as well as where it should appear. Advertisers should contact Sue Miller at 717-362-9167. Retail stores, Directory artists, and others should contact Alexandra Dreka at our main telephone number (440-543-8566) or by email at adreka@firelandsmedia.com

Here's what you need to know if you want to link to us:

Text links

If you want a simple, text-only link, please link to our home page, EALonline.com. We use frames for most of our website, and entering through the home page will assure everything will display properly. 

We have other entry points that may be suitable, listed below:

Direct link to our calendar, use EALcalendar.com as your link.

Direct link to the Directory of Traditional American Crafts, use EALdirectory.com as your link.

Direct link to our sources page, use EALsources.com as your link.

In many cases, you can cut and paste one of the examples above for a working link.

EAL Logo

If you want to use a graphic image as a link, we are happy to provide the image below for your use. To download the image to your system, right click on it and select "Save Image" from the pop-up menu. You can also directly cut-and-paste it into your page.

Click here to visit Early American Life magazine.

If you are familiar with writing html code, you can insert the text below, which will pull the above image from our website and link to it (using a new page):

<a href="http://www.ealonline.com" target="_blank" alt="Click here to visit Early American Life magazine."><img src="http://www.ealonline.com/images/ealonline.gif"></a>

If you have problems adding any of these links to your page, please call our webmaster at 440-543-8566 and we'll help you get things working. 

Please note that linking to our page is not an endorsement of your site, and you may not claim that it is. Nor will we tolerate links to sites that we view as inappropriate or distasteful. If you have any doubt, please contact us before linking to our site.

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