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February 2016

Why sell Early American Life in your store?

• Showcases “the look” they go into your store to buy for their homes

• Used by top decorators

• Draws traffic

• Reinforces brand recognition of top quality crafts

• Brings repeat traffic with each new issue

• Builds a shopping habit

• Stays in the home as a reminder of your shop (add your label on the back)

• Adds sense of community among shoppers in your store

Special Bonuses

• Free listing on our website

• Direct link to your website from

Here are the details:

You select the number of copies of each issue you want to stock in your store. Order them in multiples of ten. You can specify a different number for each issue (as long as it is a multiple of ten).

We publish seven issues each year: January/February (dated February), March/April (dated April), May/June (dated June), July/August (dated August), September/October (dated October),

November/December (dated December) and a special Christmas issue with no month designation that is published in September. You order a different number of copies for each issue or make a standing order for the same number of each. You can always call and order additional copies any time while an issue is current.

Issues come protectively packaged directly to you before the first of the month previous to that listed on the issue. That is, the June issue arrives before May 1st. You will get your issues well before they arrive on regular newsstands, typically two to three weeks.

We send you an invoice by email, which you can print out and mail back to us with your check or pay directly by credit card. There is no other paperwork to bother with. If you don't do email, then we will send a paper invoice.

Our cover price is $4.99, but you can add a premium or discount as you wish. You receive a 50% discount off the cover price (we bill you $2.50 per copy). We pay the shipping.

That's it. No other worries or hassles.

Interested? Click here to sign up!

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