You can place your own classified line advertisement in Early American Life as easily as typing into an on-line form.

Ads are set in nine-point Times Roman. We will bold face the first few opening words and your website or telephone number at our discretion (but subject to your approval). You can suggest the boldfacing you want by putting an asterisk at the start of each word you want to be boldfaced. For example, Make This *Bold suggests to us you want the word "Bold" in boldface. Here is an example as an ad:

*Homespun *Fabrics for curtains, bed hangings, reenactment clothing, and much more. Visit our website * and select from the amazing variety.

The resulting ad would read like this:

Homespun Fabrics for curtains, bed hangings, reenactment clothing, and much more. Visit our website and select from the amazing variety.

During production, we will create an electronic .pdf file of your ad, which we will send you by email as a proof. You must notify us of any changes or corrections within two working days.

We charge for classified line ads by the word and number of issues in which the ad runs. We enforce a 20 word minimum, so ads with only 12 or 15 words (for example) would be charged as if they were 20 words long. Words longer than 15 characters are charged as one word for each 15 character segment or fraction thereof. Yes, you can take advantage of this by putting a slash between two words—if the total length is under 15 characters, you only get charged for one word. Long website names (URLs) will be charged as multiple words, so do your clients a favor and list only your homepage!

Our basic classified line ad rate is $4 per word per issue. If you schedule your ad for three to five sequential issues, we will discount that to $3.65 per word per issue. Schedule your ad for six or seven sequential issues, and we will discount that further to $3.25 per word per issue. If at some point you need to change the content of your ad (perhaps your phone number or address changes), contact us and we will make the change for a $20 production fee per change.

Want color or your logo in your ad? Then we call it a "classified display ad" and charge by the inch. Call our sales department to place your classified display ad.

We reserve the right to approve all ads and may refuse to run ads which we find are not in good taste, ads we believe to be fraudulent or misleading, or ads unsuited to our magazine, its content, or its readers. You will be notified and your money refunded if we decide not to accept your ad. If we substantively edit your ad (for example, to correct grammar, punctuation, or spelling), we will notify you by email for your approval.

You may cancel your ad by calling our on-line ad sales department at 440-543-8566. We will refund any unused balance, however if your ad does not run for its full flight, the rate may be adjusted for the number of insertions you actually use. For example, if you purchase an ad at the seven-insertion rate and it runs only three times, we will charge the three-insertion rate and refund the remaining balance.

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