Historic Documents



Documents Important to the History of the United States

A handful of documents have been instrumental in creating the America we know today. To aid both your appreciation of our history and your own researches, we have gathered what we feel the most important of these together for your reference.

1142Great Law of Peace
1584Grant to Walter Raleigh
1606Original Charter of Virginia
1609Second Charter of Virginia
1611Third Charter of Virginia
1620Charter of Colony of New England
1620Mayflower Compact
1763Treaty of Paris (Ends French and Indian War)
1765The Stamp Act
1776Common Sense
1776Virginia Declaration of Rights
1776Declaration of Independence
1776-1783The American Crisis
1781Articles of Confederation
1783Treaty of Paris (Ends Revolutionary War)
1787Northwest Ordinance
1787-1788The Federalist Papers
1789United States Consitution
1789Bill of Rights
1789George Washington’s First Inaugural Address
1791-1992Amendments to the Constitution
1793George Washington’s Second Inaugural Address
1796George Washington’s Farewell Address
1789-1852Presidential State of the Union Addresses