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Holiday Directory Now Being Juried

The deadline has passed for submitting entries to the judges of the 2010 Holiday Directory of Traditional American Crafts. Applications are now being processed and sent out to the jurors to begin the selection process. If you have applied to the Holiday Directory, you need do nothing more but wait. We will contact you after the judging process is complete. If we need more information to complete your application or if we need a sample of your work for photography, we will contact you. Do not call us?the time we spend on your call will delay the processing of everyone's applications.

The Holiday Directory of Traditional American Crafts will appear in the Christmas 2010 special edition of Early American Life, which is scheduled for mailing in September (so there's time to order gifts that must be custom made). If you're not a directory participant and do not have a subscription to EAL, be sure to order a subscription now so that you will have the Christmas edition mailed to your home as soon as it comes out.

Posted by EAL Staff on Jun 16th