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This page is the portal that allows access to a restricted access area on this website. Admitance is allowed only to those selected for the 2011 or 2012 Directory of Traditional American Crafts (including the Holiday Directories). If you have been selected, congratulations! You should have been sent the password you need to access this restricted area for ordering hang-tags, placards, and extra copies of this year's Directory issues.  You may also buy additional copies of the Directory issue of Early American Life at a discount in quantities of ten or more. (The 2012 password is different from those of preceding directories (all passwords are different), so you'll only see materials for the Directory for which you have the password. Those selected for this year should have found their new password in the materials we sent you by regular mail.). 

Materials for the Directories of 2010 and earlier are no longer available. The two-year term of license has expired.

For access, please type your name and the password provided with your selection packet in the spaces at the top of the page to continue.