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Portrait of Brian S. Newton

Brian Newton is one of a small number of artisans keeping alive the historic art of making brooms by hand. The owner of Broomcorn Johnny’s researches the history of brooms, which date back thousands of years, and uses tools from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries to revive obscure historical broom designs. His work can be found on television programs, in motion pictures, and in living history environments.

Brian is driven by the past, crediting history with igniting his romantic imagination, while the techniques of the broom-making process challenge his mechanical mind. He loves to explore colors, textures, and finishes. Despite his many years of working in the craft, he still finds it exciting to make new discoveries.

Broomcorn Johnny's
5622 Windham Hill Rd
Windham, VT 05359
Phone: 802-874-4779

Brian S. Newton has been selected for the following Directories:

Year: 2018, 
				Category: Miscellaneous
Year: 2017, 
				Category: Miscellaneous
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