JUNE 2014


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Short Tracks

Early colonists had a hankering for horseracing but no cleared land for racetracks. So they improvised, developing the short, quarter-mile track and a breed of horse to match. In our June issue, we tell the story of the result, the American Quarter Horse, which became the mount of choice in the Old West.

New Taxes, Round Prices

We were as surprised as you probably are that the State of Ohio mandated that all magazine subscriptions be subject to the state's sales and use taxes whether the subscriber is in-state or out-of-state. The result of this tax is a higher price to you (from which we do not benefit) and some oddball numbers. To make things easier for you, we've adjusted our prices so they look a bit strange, but the result is that our subscription prices are back to round numbers after tax. As always, we've retained discounts for gifts and longer subscriptions.

Bonus Pretzel Receipe

In our February 2014 issue, we revealed the truth about the history of pretzels. If you want to taste a pretzel like the ones our ancestors might have sampled, food historian Susan McLellan Plaisted found an old recipe and developed it for modern bakers. We've turned her story into a free bonus article that you can download by clicking here. We look forward to hearing about your success and any variations you might make trying her recipe.

Deadline Extended

We have extended the deadline for entering the 2014 Directory of Traditional American Crafts, so there is still time for you to apply.

There are several reasons for our decision. This year has been transitional for the Directory. In an effort to be responsive to your concerns, we combined the deadlines for the Regular and Holiday directories to a single date, January 15th, and this change seems to have caused confusion. Additionally we are aware that some of our artisans may have been expecting the usual “reminder postcard” in their post box, but which came in the form of an email this year.


On August 22nd Randi Coblenz wrote: This was an enjoyable article to read, BUT the Wicked Witch of the West was played by Margaret Hamilton, not Edith Hamilton. (Edith was a pioneering female educator and classicist. No relation to Margaret as far as I could tell)

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